This is my pop up store design for Patron.  I blend modern shapes with natural materials to call back to the authentic and handmade aspect to the product , while also creating a modern environment to set this tequila brand apart from the others who take a  similar approach.
I took a lot of inspiration from Patron's pop up stores. I also took the hexagon motif and made it a large focal point of my design. I also took influence from the lighter material choices used in these spaces.
Above would be the ideal locations for this pop up to be.  All of them are places you pass through, which is important to my concept.  My concept includes an app and large interactive screens. The app is important  as it is the main means of which to purchase the product.
My floor plan is meant to be approached by all sides. It is uncrowded and has open space for people to mingle and explore the product. The bar area is small as it is meant for tasting the product and not like a traditional bar. It features a photo opportunity of the bottles on a shelf with filigree referenced from the special edition bottles.
Above is a store in store option for my design. I wanted to make it bolder and more graphic to attract attention in the store. I took many of the same elements and just incorporated them in a different way. The filigree pattern is taken from my original design and made into large graphic.  There would also feature a screen where a person could take the Cocktail Lab test to explore recipes.  On the sides it has lemons and limes to encourage mixed drinks and margaritas. 
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