This was a concept space that would be implemented at  14725 Detroit Ave
Lakewood, Ohio. The concept I came up with was a community art studio that would engage the whole community  and promote the unique vibe of Lakewood. Lakeside is the name I chose as it directly relates to the location. Also by having it similar to Lakewood it further hints to the community goal of the space. 
A cafe is included in this space as a place for artists to relax and for the public to access more specialty coffee and tea. Cafes and artists naturally fit together and would create a unique vibe to the space as a whole.
With this space I see an app working perfectly alongside the business. It would be a simple way for people to keep up to date on everything that is happening in the space, buy materials, and book classes. It would also feature tab that connects to social media where if tagged people's work they create can be seen here too.
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